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Data Privacy Advisory

Managing the tension between required effort and conformity

Companies face the challenge of investing a good amount of effort into the requirements of the GDPR in order to act in compliance with data protection. The departments involved, such as marketing, sales, human resources and logistics, are often not rated for compliance with GDPR guidelines. A classic conflict of interest that on the one hand prescribes sales, growth and earnings targets and on the other hand demands regulatory requirements / restrictions and process documentation


IT Security Advisory

There is no alternative to IT Security

Dei Laghi's consultants have many years of experience in management positions in the IT and cyber security environment, especially with financial service providers. IT security is not optional: The security of your IT - more precisely the data you process - is becoming increasingly important in regulatory and legal terms. Various legal norms hold senior management directly and personally liable, provided that there are omissions in information security.


Regulatory Compliance & ISO Certification

Preparing our customers for audits and certifications

Maintaining high and uniform quality standards over different locations with diverse portfolio and processes is a challenge for many companies. We support by setting up a quality management system with extensive documentation, through pragmatic project management and the development of work packages until they are ready for certification or certification audit.


Operational Readiness

From Field Trials to Readiness Testing

Most companies run an OFT (Operational Field Trial) before launching a new product. We will tell you exactly why this OFT makes no sense and why we switched two telco incumbents to ORT (Operational Readiness Testing).

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