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Our solutions are made-to-measure

For large companies, the make or buy decision will often be make, since customization of off-the-shelf software to fit their long standing processes most often will turn out to be a greater effort than creating a custom tool outright..


Our R&D team develops customized privacy solutions to address your company’s needs that go beyond tailoring an off the shelf solution. We pride ourselves in Customer Centric Product Development, putting the customer journey at the center of our development. Our industry professionals provide their deep market expertise to ensure the product features are relevant, and we work with leading designers to ensure a superior user experience.

Our development focus


GRC & Privacy Dashboards

Mapping your company's data processing and its compliance aggregated to a dashboard, that gives your management and in-house counsel an up to date view of compliance and needs for action.


Vendor databases with DPA

Most companies rely on a host of vendors in all areas of their business life. Many of these get in touch with their client's clients personal data. GDPR mandates a contractual data processing amendment (DPA) to govern the treatment of personal data. To efficiently navigate these DPAs a central register of those DPAs is needed. Bringing the most relevant GDPR data together in one concise view, our product enables interpreting existing contractual amendments and its implications on data processing.


Complex Product Configurators

Not only is self service a side effect of digitization, the growth of service portfolios and product options are creating a complexity that is challenging even for the own salesforce. We work with companies and their product teams to create configurators that make highly complex products accessible to end users and salespeople alike by breaking down the process into simple steps where the choices are enriched with helpful metadata.

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